Hyeon-Seon JEONG (Ph.D. in Media Education)

Professor of Media Literacy

Department of Korean Education

Course Leader of M.Ed. in Digital Media Education

Director of Center for Media Literacy Research

Gyeongin National University of Education, South Korea

Contact: hyeonseon@ginue.ac.kr

I am Professor of Media literacy education at the Department of Korean Education and the Course Leader of Master’s Program on Digital Media. Education at the Gyeongin National University of Education. I am also Director of Center for Media Literacy Research at the same university. I completed my Ph.D. in Media Education at UCL Institute of Education, under my supervisor, Professor David Buckingham in November, 2001.

My research interests are focused on children and young people’s media and digital literacy practices in and out-of-school settings; developing curriculum, classroom activities and teaching materials for media and digital literacy education; teachers’ agency and roles in media and digital  literacy education; young people’s critical understanding of social media and digital platforms; and digital parenting.

I directed policy research on Innovative classroom practices for media literacy education (Ministry of Education, 2015), Developing models of school textbook units for media literacy education (Ministry of Education, 2016), Systematizing news literacy education (Korea Press Foundation, 2016), Developing Classroom Materials of Media Literacy Education for 5th and 6th Graders (Ministry of Education, 2018), and contributed as a co-researcher on the policy research on Digital Literacy Across the Curriculum in South Korea: Current State and Suggestions for the Future(Korean Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation, 2018).

I have widely advised on policies of media and digital literacy education for public institutions including Korea Press Foundation, National Information Agency, and Community Media Foundation Incheon Center. While I was serving as Director of Institute of Education and Research at Gyeongin National University of Education (2019-2020), I organized two International Seminars on Media and Digital Literacy Education: “2019 International Seminar on Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship Education” (2019.6.18.)and “Rethinking Literacy, Digital Competency and Media Education in the Age of Digital Platforms: International Webinar” (2020.9.4.).

I was one of the keynote speaker of 2018 Hong Kong MES and organized a workshop on algorithm literacy education at the 2019 Seoul International Media and Information Literacy Conference. Internationally, I have contributed chapters to Media Education in Asia (Springer, 2009), Mapping Media Education Policies in the World (Communicar, 2010), New Media and Learning in the 21st Century (Springer, 2015), Learning Beyond the School (Routledge, 2019) and International Encyclopedia of Media Literacy (Wiley, 2019).  

I am the founder of the Center for Media Literacy Research at the Gyeongin National University of Education, working together with colleagues with multidisciplinary backgrounds for new approaches to media literacy in the age of digital transformation. Additionally, I regularly give advice to the public organizations such as the National Internet Promotion Agency and the Korea Institute of Childcare and Education in order to develop the guidelines of the use of smartphone and the preschool curriculum for communication. I am a frequently invited speaker of academic conferences and forums of literacy and digital media literacy learning as well as in parental meetings of pre- and elementary schools, based on her research and publications in digital media literacy learning and digital parenting.

Selected Scholarly books written and published in Korean

  • Jeong, H. (2017). Introduction to Digital Parenting. Seoul: Our School.*
  • Choi, M.,Won, J., Chung, H., Kim, B., Lee, G., Jeon, E., Jeong, H., & Joo, S. (2016). Introduction to Korean Education (3rd ed.). Seoul: Social Criticism Publishing.

Edited research books, including prestigious reference works in English

  • Yoon, J., Jeong, H., & Kim, A. (2019). ML in South Korea. In The International Encyclopedia of Media Literacy. (edited by Renee Hobbs & Paul Mihailidis). Wiley.

Scholarly book chapters and journal article written and published in English

  • Jacques, J., Grosman, J., Collard, A-S., Oh, Y., Kim, A. & Jeong, H.(2020). “In the Shoes of an Algorithm”: A Media Education Game to Address Issues Related to Recommendation Algorithms. Journal of Education. 3(1), 37-62, June 2020. http://dx.doi.org/10.25020/JoE.2020.3.1.37.
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Selected Scholarly book chapters written and published in Korean

  • Jeong, H. (2018). Digital Media Literacy Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. In The 4th Industrial Revolution and Education (pp.213-242). Seoul: Books and Space.*

Selected Refereed journal articles written and published in Korean (KCI: Korea Citation Index)

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Other research outputs (reports) written and published in Korean

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